Santosh Kumar Bagla

I am founder of Global Wellness Foundation and is the Chairman of “Peace Movement” initiated “Peace Ultimate (Peace in Pieces)”. Here I come with a vision to bring peace in all spheres of human society across the Globe and is being joined by various chapters around the world. Iam also the president – Asia Pacific of United Human Rights Federation.
The vision to conquer challenges:

Santosh Kumar Bagla belongs to a respected Marwari family of Kolkata having roots in Tamkor (Rajasthan) in trade and business since 1920 in the name of M/s Harakh Chand Baijnath, further expanded as M/s Lachhmi Narain Mahavir Prasad and Bagla Udyog. Santosh Kumar Bagla joined family business in 1975 with a greater dimension, wider vision and newer diversifications. Later, the group, formed under his leadership. IONIC GROUP has spread in multiple directions with the approach of ‘Empowering the People’ and ‘Wellness Orientation’.

Mr. Bagla possesses deep business acumen with very clear vision and highly focused approach towards growth. His philosophy of business is totally based on wellness. In real estate, hospitality, technology and global trade, wellness is given utmost priority. He is actively engaged in doing extensive research in the field of radiation safety and in spreading the philosophy of ‘Wellness’ all across India. He is also the founder of ‘Global Wellness Foundation’ and is the Chairman of the ‘Peace Movement’ as initiated ‘Peace in Pieces’. and Peace Ultimate. He comes up with the vision to bring peace in all spheres of human society across the Globe and is being joined by various chapters around the world.

A journey of milestones:

After retiring from active business since 2000. In 2005 he joined an NGO ‘Shakti Punj’ and dedicated his life to the humanity and spends all his time, money and experience to save the mankind.

Mr. Bagla holds high humanitarian values and serves society into Nobel cause with his projects into Radiation Hazards and Peace initiatives. He has done extensive research in the field of Radiation and its ill effects on human bodies and has made continuous efforts to minimize the hazards of Radiation Effects.

He has extensively researched on Environmental Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases Primarily Cancer and Neurodegenerative Diseases due to Electromagnetic Radiation. He has been involved in Epidemiologic Research on Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation.

Karmajyot Seva Trust, an NGO which had filed a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court of India to force the Government to enact proper guidelines as prescribed by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

Global Wellness Foundation has been instituted with the purpose of spreading the message of the quality living, wellness as the philosophy of life, natural therapy, traditional healing methods, alternative medicine, and a stress free, tranquil life in perfect harmony with the nature and the surroundings around us.

Planned to start a Global Peace UniversityMr. Claes Nobel, has consented to be the Vice Chancellor of the proposed university.   Mr. Nobel is a native of Sweden and senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes. It will be a joint venture between United Earth and Global Wellness Foundation. The University shall be located in India.

Actively engaged in doing social work in the field of Human Rights and he joined United Human Rights Federation (UHRF) – an organisation of international ramifications and worked in different            fields all over the world for protecting the human race with its dignity. UHRF is mainly focusing on Anti-Terrorism, Child/Bonded Labour, Child Abuse, Rape/Sexual Harassment, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Communal Riots, Police Atrocities, Environment Destruction, Consumer related issues etc. Presently Mr. Bagla is the President – Asia Pacific of UHRF.

Started UHRF-CSR to create a CSR standard best suited to India’s corporate and enable them to be perceived as good, responsible corporate citizens while being at par with global best practices on processes, technologies, tools and systems.

The man and his vision:

It is not often that humble efforts with unbounded sincerity and dynamic approach come in a singular concept. And to be the progenitor of such efforts is too momentous to be put in words.

Mr. Bagla, with his intense flair for the global causes, presents such an aura of dynamism and creativity that cannot be judged easily. His envisages an age of true well being and world peace where the realization of mankind’s fullest potential is the driving force.

Through his association with the variety of groups that seek to work towards the common causes of global peace and prosperity, he has taken up highly commendable projects of huge implications and through his selfless work, has inspired many souls.

The list of such initiatives and the details of the work done by him in the respective spheres is too significant to be expressed. However, the broad aspects of the untiring services rendered by him deserve a special mention.

Here, it must be mentioned that for creation of an ideal society, the focus has to be on the individual. Without the change in the individual’s consciousness, the collective consciousness of the wider scale of humanity cannot expand. Mr. Bagla has always sought to expand the influence of positive and constructive work in a variety of fields and his efforts have been appreciated on a global note. The unique impressions of his work and his ethics have inspired many and his leadership is widely acknowledged.

Mr. Claes Nobel, the scion of the illustrious Nobel family of Sweden  and the worldwide defender of many notable causes in his visit to India 2008 had referred to Mr. Bagla as “Peace Ambassador” and had spoken at length about the latter’s innovative and noteworthy ideas. Mr. Nobel visited India from 5th to 9th February, 2008 and was accompanied by Dr. Alridge A. Valliant and his wife Dr. Suad Kanderian Vaillant.

On 5th of February, in the company of his gracious guests, he launched two publications that deal with the threats of exposure to unhindered radiation and protection and safeguarding human rights, by the respective names – “Radiation Today” and Maanvita”.

Pioneering work done for general empowerment with a global outlook:

The concerns that have and still are leading to the instability in the societies across the world are vehement by their very nature. The problems are numerous and cover almost all aspects of human activities in the world.  Corresponding to the issues at hand, the corrective steps, too, have to be taken on the international scale. Recognizing this, He  has emphasized the coming together of like-minded individuals and groups for a unified endeavor of growth.

Through Global Wellness – a foundation of repute that has been spreading the message of quality living through natural and sustainable means of longevity and healing, Mr. Bagla has extended the perspective which forms the core basis of the ideal of a healthy and natural life. Focusing on the ancient evolutionary approaches that are centered in the ideas of nature-oriented existence, the objectives of Global Wellness have their roots in the timeless philosophy of holistic and untainted evolution of mankind.

Needless to say that a healthy and holistic individual lifestyle has the far- fetched positive result in the long run for the society. Going further in this direction, he has laid stress on the totality of international brotherhood and the various means of achieving it in reality and in present times, the significance of these guiding principles can be very well appreciated.

He has studied the broader impacts of terrorism and the reasons for it. He has continuously made efforts to seek a better resolution for this menace. Mr. Bagla believes in rehabilitation, not retaliation and in this sense, he stands out from the rest. His suggestions and representations form a concrete solution in every right.

In our part of the world, poverty alleviation is a prime administrative need and hapless millions toil hard to make the ends meet.  In such an environment, the social schemes launched by the administrative bodies do not suffice and there is a need for change.

Moreover, Mr. Bagla is actively involved in creating awareness about human rights and safeguarding the underlying human values. Here, the essential policy followed by he is the unified point of view, which is based on universal brotherhood of mankind.

In the present human society, one problem directly or indirectly creates another one and for attaining the ideal of a stable and just society, the target-area has to be all-inclusive. This is exactly what Mr. Bagla does when he seeks to address the maladies that ail our human race today.

Humanity is in dire need of such efforts today and he has advocated the rights of not just human beings but animals as well. He is a firm believer in non –violence, not just in theory but in practice. He is a vocal supporter of animal rights groups like PETA and has highlighted the need for upliftment of amenities in all the national and international fauna reserves.

In his benevolent sense, Mr. Bagla has, time and again worked for safeguarding the right to life of all the species.  He opines that stringent anti-poaching laws should be made and enforced, especially in the regions which host the endangered species.

According to recent studies done by experts across the leading cities in the world, the fast developing economies of Indo-China are poised to become the leading economies of in the near future. However, alongside this good aspect, there is another emerging picture which shows these countries as the emerging hotbeds of pollution and industrial waste.

For this impending problem, Mr. Bagla is campaigning for adoption of clean and green technologies in industrial production and harnessing of renewable sources for energy needs. This is an issue which the whole world recognizes as a major concern right now and Mr. Bagla’s suggestions can be effectively implemented for betterment in the long run.

The allied spheres where Mr. Bagla has and is rendering his valuable services are the important issues of rainwater harvesting, tree plantation, creation and preservation of “Green-zones” in cities and urban areas, and soil conservation.

As part of these efforts, Mr. Bagla is directly responsible for the anti-radiation laws vis-à-vis the mobile phone towers. It was Mr. Bagla’s pioneering work that led to the increased awareness about the harmful effects of mobile handset radiation. At a time when almost nobody was aware of the harmful effects of such radiation, Mr. Bagla had conducted extensive case studies and then filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the court of law. The court upheld his views and the chain of events that was set off resulted in the stringent guidelines for Telecom companies regarding the housing locations of towers and regulatory radiation-norms for the service providers were set up and safeguarded.

In his humble spirit, Mr. Bagla claimed no credit and was content in the fact that the hapless masses were spared the latent horrors of explicit exposure to the dangerous radiation.

A fearless society, founded on truthfulness & nonviolence:

Has done intensive study on terrorism to know why a person become a terrorist and how can the society bring him back in mainstream in his report ‘Terrorism-Reasons and Solutions’.

Prisoners have very limited access to the outside world, and are under the complete control of the prison authority. In India, majority of these voiceless people remain in prison pending trial or conviction. Mr. Bagla always raised the voice for these voiceless people and you can feel his pain in his report on ‘The Under Trial Prisoners in Overcrowded Indian Jails’.

‘Good schools’, is his top priority, because we can change the society with good education. He is working with the Corporate and PSUs under CSR policy to provide best teachers and school infrastructure with drinking water and toilet facilities .

Since the beginning of civilization, war and violence have been inescapably woven with the long continuing journey of human race which has been the continuous yearning for peace and security. With ‘Peace in Pieces’ movement, Mr. Bagla is trying to bring peace all over the world.

~ Santosh Kumar Bagla

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